Dr. Mohani Heitel grew up in North India at the foot of the Himalaya. She was fond of singing mantras and devotional songs since her youth. She studied at first chemistry in India and lateron human medicine in Germany. As a medical practitioner and psychotherapist she used the healing effects of mantras as a supplementary cure. In the course of about thirty years she wrote many bhajans and arranged their melodies. Recently she recorded many hymns and prayers in Sanskrit language which eulogize the attributes of great Hindu deities. These recordings are an invitation to an inner mystical journey which leads to the spiritual dimensions of life. You are invited to share these songs and chants and use them for your daily devotional practise or for accompanyment of Yoga hours.

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Chanting Mantras

The Tanpura is an ideal instrument to accompany mantra-singingMohani playing the Tanpura

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