From Vishnu Sahasranamavali

by Mohani Heitel

Released 2016
Smirti Verlag
Released 2016
Smirti Verlag
From Sri Vishnu Sahasranam an extract of 287 names sung in Sanskrit in Namavali-form (Om ...Namaha) accompanied with the Indian Instrument Tanpura, good for contemplation and to sing along, spiritual practice with holy names of Lord Vishnu
  • 53:57 Story Lyrics From Vishnu Sahasranamavali

    From Sri Vishnu Sahasranamavali (287 names) lyrics

    1. om vishvasmai namaha - He who is the universe
    2. om vishnave namaha - Who pervades everywhere
    3. om vashatkaaraaya namaha - Who is invoked for oblations 
    4. om bhoota bhavya bhavat prabhave namaha     The Lord of past, present and future 
    5. om bhootakrute namaha - Creator of all creatures 
    6. om bhootabhrute namaha - Who nourishes all creatures
    7. om bhaavaaya namaha - Who becomes all moving and non moving things 
    8. om bhootaatmane namaha - The soul of all beings
    9. om bhoota bhaavanaya namaha - The cause of the birth and growth of all creatures
    10. om pootaatmane namaha - Sacred soul
    11. om paramaatmane namaha - The supreme soul 
    12. om muktaanaam paramagataye namaha - Supreme destination reached by liberated souls
    13. om avyayaaya namaha - Inexhaustible
    14. om purushaaya namaha - He who sleeps in the case of bodies as their self (jiva)
    15. om saakshine namaha - Who is witness of all
    16. om kshetragyaya namaha - The knower of the field (body) 
    17. om aksharaaya namaha - Indestructible
    18. om yogaaya namaha - Realized through Yoga 
    19.  om yogavidaam netre namaha - The guide of those who know Yoga
    20. om pradhaana purusheshvaraaya namaha - The Lord of both Pradhana (nature) and Purusha (soul)
    21. om naarasimhavapushe namaha - Who took the form as man-lion 
    22. om shreemate namaha - Consort of Lakshmi
    23. om keshavaaya namaha - Who has beautiful locks of hair (as Krishna)
    24. om purushottamaaya namaha - Supreme Purusha (the higher self)
    25. om sarvasmai namaha - All in all
    26. om sharvaaya namaha - The auspicious
    27. om shivaaya namaha - Who is eternally pure 
    28. om sthaanave namaha - Internal truth 
    29. om bhootaadaye namaha - The beginning of the five great elements
    30. om nidhaye avyayaaya namaha - Inexhaustible treasure (as at universal dissolution all living beings are merged in subtle form in Him)
    31. om sambhavaaya namaha - He who descends (incarnates) of His own free will
    32. om bhaavanaaya namaha - Giver of everything
    33. om bhartre namaha - Who nourishes all beings
    34. om prabhavaaya namaha - From whose womb the five great elements have sprung
    35. om prabhave namaha - The almighty Lord 
    36. om eeshvaraaya namaha - He who has indescribable glory
    37. om svayambhuve namaha - He who manifests from Himself
    38. om shambhave namaha - Dwelling in peace 
    39. om aadityaaya namaha - Golden splendor of sun
    40. om pushkaraakshaaya namaha     - Who has eyes like a lotus 
    41. om mahaasvanaaya namaha - He who has a thundering voice
    42. om anaadi nidhanaaya namaha - He without origin or end 
    43. om dhaatre namaha -  Who upholds the universe
    44. om vidhaatre namaha - The dispenser of fruits of actions
    45. om dhaatu uttamaaya namaha - Superior element
    46. om aprameyaaya namaha - Who cannot be perceived by senses
    47. om hrushikeshaaya namaha - Lord of the senses 
    48. om padmanaabhaaya namaha - One from whose navel the lotus emanates 
    49. om amaraprabhave namaha - Lord of all deities
    50. om vishvakarmane namaha - The artificer of the universe 
    51. om manave namaha - Manifested as the Vedic mantras (or as Manu) 
    52. om tvashtre namaha - Who makes huge things very subtle at the time of the deluge 
    53. om sthavishthaaya namaha - Supremely gross
    54. om sthaviraaya dhruvaaya namaha - Eternal and immutable
    55. om agraahyaaya namaha - Who cannot be perceived by senses and mind
    56. om shaashvataaya namaha - He who always remains the same
    57. om krushnaaya namaha - One who attracts the heart of people (whose complexion is dark)
    58. om lohitaakshaaya namaha - Who has tinged red eyes 
    59.  om pratardanaaya namaha - Who brings all beings to an end at the time of great dissolution
    60. om prabhootaaya namaha - Omniscient and omnipotent
    61.  om trikubhdhaamne namaha - Who supports the three realms, above, below and middle
    62. om pavitraaya namaha - Who gives purity to the heart 
    63. om mangalaaya parasmai namaha - The supremely auspicious
    64. om eeshaanaaya namaha - Controller of the five great elements 
    65. om praanadaaya namaha - Donor of breath
    66. om praanaaya namaha - Breath, life energy
    67. om jyeshthaaya namaha - Older than all
    68. om shreshthaaya namaha - The most glorious one
    69. om prajaapataye namaha - Lord of all creatures 
    70. om hiranyagarbhaaya namaha - Who dwells as Brahma (creative force) in the golden (precious) egg
    71. om bhoogarbhaaya namaha - Who is the womb of the world
    72. om maadhavaaya namaha - Consort of Lakshmi
    73. om madhusoodanaaya namaha - The slayer of the Madhu demon
    74. om eeshvaraaya namaha - The omnipotent Lord 
    75. om vikramane namaha - Who measured the world with three steps
    76. om dhanvine namaha - Who has a divine bow 
    77. om medhaavine namaha - Supreme intelligence 
    78. om vikramaaya namaha - Who takes great strides 
    79. om kramaaya namaha - Law of order in the nature
    80. om anuttamaaya namaha - Incomparably great 
    81. om duraadharshaaya namaha -    Invincible 
    82. om krutagyaayaya namaha - Who knows the deeds of all
    83. om krutaye namaha- Who rewards all actions 
    84. om aatmavate namaha - Who rests on His own true self
    85. om sureshaaya namaha - Lord of the demigods
    86. om sharanaaya namaha - The refuge of all beings
    87. Om sharmane namaha -Who is the delight of all
    88. om vishvaretase namaha - Seed of the universe 
    89. om prajaabhavaaya namaha - From whom all creatures spring forth
    90. om ahane namaha - The day (the light that illuminates all objects around)
    91. om samvatsaraaya namaha - From whom the concept of time arises
    92. om vyaalaaya namaha - Incomprehensible or unapproachable through senses
    93. om pratyayaaya namaha - Whose nature is conciousness
    94. om sarvadarshanaaya namaha - All-seeing
    95. om ajaaya namaha     - Who has no birth 
    96. om sarveshvaraaya namaha - The Lord of all 
    97. om siddhaaya namaha- Who succeeds to get or to be whatever He thinks of
    98. om siddhaye namaha - Who can attain anything he wishes
    99. om sarvaadaye namaha - The primary cause of everything 
    100. om achyutaaya namaha - Infallible
    101. om vrushaakapaye namaha - Who saved the earth from drowning by His incarnation as boar
    102. om ameyaatmane namaha - Who manifests in infinite forms
    103. om sarvayogavinih srutaaya namaha - Who can be realised through different Yogas.
    104. om vasave namaha - Who dwells in all beings 
    105. om vasumanase namaha - Whose mind is pure
    106. om satyaaya namaha - Whose nature is truth 
    107. om samaatmane namaha - Who is equally in all
    108. om sammitaaya namaha -  Who is the truth accepted by the Rishis and revealed in the Upanishads
    109. om samaaya namaha - Who is always the same
    110. om amoghaaya namaha - Who is unfailing 
    111. om pundareekaakshaaya namaha - He who dwells in the heart or who has eyes like lotus flower
    112. om vrushakarmaNe namaha - Whose every act is righteous 
    113. om vrushaakrutaye namaha - The form of Dharma (righteousness)
    114. om rudraaya namaha - Heat that heals (who dispels the cause of misery)
    115. om bahushirase namaha - Who has many heads 
    116. om babhrave namaha - Who sustains all the worlds 
    117. om vishvayonaye namaha - The womb of the universe 
    118. om shuchishravase namaha - Whose fame is pure and spotless
    119. om amrutaaya namaha - Who is immortal 
    120. om shaashvata sthaanave namaha - Eternal abode
    121. om varaarohaaya namaha - The most glorious destination 
    122. om mahaatapase namaha - He of great penance
    123. om sarvagaaya namaha - All pervading 
    124. om sarvavidbhaanave namaha - All knowing and effulgent 
    125. om vishvaksenaaya namaha -    He who has His associates everywhere (as His devotees)
    126. om janaardanaaya namaha - Resident in all beings born
    127. om vedaaya namaha - Who is knowledge
    128. om vedavide namaha - Knower of the Vedas 
    129. om avyangaaya namaha - Whose knowledge is never incomplete
    130. om vedaangaaya namaha - Whose limbs are the Vedas 
    131. om vedavide namaha - Who settles the interpretations of the Vedas 
    132. om kavaye namaha - Great poet or the seer
    133. om lokaadhyakshaaya namaha - Who presides over all the worlds
    134. om suraadhyakshaaya namaha - Who presides over all deities 
    135. om dharmaadhyakshaaya namaha - Who presides over Dharma (righteousness) 
    136. om krutaakrutaaya namaha - All cause and effect
    137. om chaturaatmaaya namaha - Who is fourfold in His nature 
    138. om chaturvyoohaaya namaha - Of four manifestations 
    139. om chaturdamshtraaya namaha - Who has four canine teeth in His incarnation as man-lion
    140.  om chaturbhujaaya namaha - Four armed
    141. om bhraajishnave namaha - Self-effulgent consciousness
    142. om bhojanaaya namaha - Supreme pleasurable object or who fills food with essence
    143. om bhoktre namaha - Enjoyer of senseobjects
    144. om sahishnave namaha - Most forbearing
    145. om jagaadijaaya namaha - Who existed before the world started into life 
    146. om anaghaaya namaha - Who is stainless 
    147. om vijayaaya namaha - Who is victorious 
    148. om jetre namaha - Who is ever successful 
    149. om vishvayonaye namaha - Universal source 
    150. om punarvasave namaha - Who resides repeatedly in different bodies (as soul within)
    151. om upendraaya namaha - Who once incarnated as younger brother of Indra as dwarf Vaamana. 
    152. om vaamanaaya namaha - He with a dwarf body (as Vaamana)
    153. om praamshave namaha - With a huge body 
    154. om amoghaaya namaha - Whose acts are never in vain
    155. om shuchaye namaha - Spotlessly clean 
    156. om oorjitaaya namaha - With infinite vitality
    157. om ateendraaya namaha - Beyond comprehension (of senses)
    158. om sangrahaaya namaha -Who withdraws or collects all living beings in Himself at the time of universal dissolution 
    159. om sargaaya namaha - Who creates the world from Himself 
    160. om dhrutaatmane namaha - Who is established in Himself 
    161. om niyamaaya namaha - Appointing authority 
    162. om yamaaya namaha - The administrator 
    163. om vedyaaya namaha - Who has to be known 
    164. Om vaidyaya namaha - The supreme healer
    165. om sadaayogine namaha - Who is always merged in Yoga 
    166. om veeraghne namaha-Slayer of valiant demons 
    167. om maadhavaaya namaha - Lord of knowledge 
    168. om madhave namaha - Who is like nectar 
    169. om ateendriyaaya namaha - Who is beyond the sense organs 
    170. om mahaamaayaaya namaha - Master of Maya (the illusive power)
    171. om mahotsaahaaya namaha - Who has great courage
    172. om mahaabalaaya namaha - Who transcends all in might
    173. om mahaabuddhaye namaha - Who has supreme intelligence
    174. om mahaaveeryaaya namaha - Who transcends all in puissance
    175. om mahaashaktaye namaha - All-powerful
    176. om mahaadyutaye namaha - Greatly luminous
    177. om anirdeshyavapushe namaha - Who has an invisible form
    178. om shreemate namaha - Who is possessed of every beauty
    179. om ameyaatmane namaha - Whose essence is immeasurable 
    180. om mahaadridhrute namaha - Who lifted large mountain 
    181. om maheshvaasaaya namaha - Loud voiced
    182. om maheebhartre namaha - Supporter of earth 
    183. om shreenivaasaaya namaha - On whose bosom dwells the goddess of prosperity
    184. om sataamgataye namaha - The goal for all virtuous people 
    185. om aniruddhaaya namaha - Who cannot be obstructed 
    186. om suraanandaaya namaha - Who is the bliss of the deities
    187. om govindaaya namaha - Cowherd (Krishna) 
    188. om govidaampataye namaha - Lord of the Wise 
    189. om mareechaye namaha - The effulgent 
    190. om damanaaya namaha - He who punishes the  unrighteous men
    191. om hamsaaya namaha - Who once assumed the form of a swan (Hamsa-Avatar)
    192. om suparnaaya namaha - Who has Garuda for his vehicle 
    193. om bhujagottamaaya namaha - Who lies on the celestial serpent Sesha
    194. om hiranyanaabhaaya namaha - Who has a golden navel 
    195. om sutapase namaha - He who underwent glorious austerities (in the form of Narayana)
    196. om padmanaabhaaya namaha - Whose navel resembles a lotus
    197. om prajaapataye namaha - Father of all beings
    198. om amrutyave namaha - Who is immortal
    199. om sarvadrushe namaha -Who sees everything 
    200. om simhaaya namaha - Who destroys the evil persons
    201. om sandhaatre namaha - Who ordains and unites all persons with the consequences of their acts
    202. om sandhimate namaha - Who is always united with his devotees
    203. om sthiraaya namaha - Who is steady
    204. om ajaaya namaha - Unborn
    205. om durmarshanaaya namaha - Who cannot be vanquished 
    206. om shaastre namaha - Who rules over all
    207. om vishrutaatmane namaha - The pure self (Atma) whose praise is heard with wonder
    208. om suraarighne namaha - Destroyer of the enemies of the deities 
    209. om gurave namaha - Instructor of all sciences
    210. om gurutamaaya namaha - The greatest teacher
    211. om dhaamne namaha - The ultimate abode
    212. om satyaaya namaha -Who is Himself the truth 
    213. om satyaparaakramaaya namaha - One of unfailing valor
    214. om nimishaaya namaha - Who rests with His eyes closed 
    215. om animishaaya namaha - Who remains unwinking; ever knowing 
    216. om sragvine namaha - Who wears a garland of unwithering wild flowers
    217. om vaachaspataye udaaradhiye namaha -     The Lord of eloquent speech and possessed of liberality
    218. om agranye namaha - Who guides us to the goal
    219. om graamanye namaha -Who leads the flock 
    220. om shreemate namaha - Possessor of light, effulgence, glory 
    221. om nyaayaaya namaha - Who justifies the acts of all
    222. om netre namaha     - Who leads (His seekers)
    223. om sameeranaaya namaha - Who assumes the form of wind for making all creatures act 
    224. om sahasramoordhne namaha - Who has thousand heads in His universal form 
    225. om vishvaatmane namaha -Soul of the universe 
    226. om sahasraakshaaya namaha - Having thousand eyes 
    227. om sahasrapade namaha - Having thousand feet 
    228. om aavartanaaya namaha - Who causes the wheel of the universe to revolve at His will
    229. om nivrutaatmane namaha - Whose soul is retreated from matter
    230. om samvrutaaya namaha - Who remains concealed from those attached to their actions
    231. om sampramardanaaya namaha - Who persecutes evil men
    232. om ahasamvartakaaya namaha - Who makes day in the form of sun 
    233. om vahnaye namaha - Who in the form of sacred fire conveys the libations to the deities
    234. om anilaaya namaha - The air (as Prana)
    235. om dharaneedharaaya namaha -Who supports the earth 
    236. om suprasaadaaya namaha - Giver of good favors
    237. om prasannaatmane namaha - Who is ever pure and all-blissful self 
    238. om vishvadhrushe namaha - Who takes care of the world 
    239. om vishvabhuje namaha - Who enjoys all experiences
    240. om vibhave namaha - Who manifests in endless forms 
    241. om satkartre namaha - Who appreciates good and wise people 
    242. om satkrutaaya namaha - Who is adored by all good people 
    243. om saadhave namaha - Benefactor of others
    244. om jahnave namaha - Who withdraws all things into Himself at the universal dissolution
    245. om naaraayanaaya namaha - God in human form or He who resides on the waters
    246. om naraaya namaha - The real guide
    247. om asankhyeyaaya namaha - Who has numberlesss names and forms 
    248. om aprameyaatmane namaha - Whose soul cannot be apprehended by the intellect
    249. om vishishtaaya namaha - Who transcends all in His glory 
    250. om shishtakrute namaha -Who cherishes the righteous
    251. om shuchaye namaha - Who is impeccable 
    252. om siddhaarthaaya namaha - Who has attained all
    253. om siddhasankalpaaya namaha - Who gets all He wishes for
    254. om siddhidaaya namaha - The giver of benedictions 
    255. om siddhisaadhanaaya namaha - Means and and goal of spiritual practice
    256. om vrushaahine namaha - He that presides over all sacred days
    257. om vrushabhaaya namaha - Who showers all objects of desires upon His worshippers
    258. om vishnave namaha - All pervading
    259. om vrushaparvane namaha -    The ladder leading to Dharma 
    260. om vrushodaraaya namaha - He from whose  belly life showers forth
    261. om vardhanaaya namaha - Who aggrandises the righteous
    262. om vardhamaanaaya namaha - Who can grow Himself into any dimensions 
    263. om viviktaaya namaha - He who is separate from everything though all pervading
    264. om shrutisaagaraaya namaha -He who is like ocean of knowledge of Shruti
    265. om subhujaaya namaha- Who has graceful arms 
    266. om durdharaaya namaha - He who is very difficult to perceive
    267. om vaagmine namaha - He from whom flowed the sound of Veda
    268. om mahendraaya namaha -Greater than Indra
    269. om vasudaaya namaha - Giver of wealth 
    270. om vasave namaha - He who dwells in the heart of beings
    271. om naikaroopaaya namaha - Of infinite forms
    272. om bruhadroopaaya namaha - Infinitely vast
    273. om shipivishtaaya namaha - Who is in the form of rays emanating form the sun or fire
    274. om prakaashanaaya namaha - Who illuminates all things
    275. om ojastejodyutidharaaya namaha - Who is the possessor of vitality, effulgence and beauty 
    276. om prakaashaatmane namaha-The effulgent self 
    277. om prataapanaaya namaha - Who scorches the unrighteous with His burning energy
    278. om ruddhaaya namaha - Who is prosperous with so many attributes
    279. om spashtaaksharaaya namaha -Who is clearly indicated by the supreme sound OM 
    280. om mantraaya namaha - Whose nature is that of Vedic mantras 
    281. om chandraamshave namaha - Who soothes His worshippers who are burning with afflictions of the world like the cooling rays of the moon 
    282. om bhaaskaradyutaye namaha - Who blazes forth in His own effulgence
    283. om amrutaamshoodbhavaaya namaha - Who let the moon appear during churning the milky ocean 
    284. om bhaanave namaha - Self-effulgent as the sun
    285. om shashabindave namaha - Who shines in the form of moon
    286. om sureshvaraaya namaha - God of all deities
    287. om oushadhaaya namaha - He who is like medicine for the healing of all ailments

    Before revealing the Thousand Names of Vishnu, Bheeshma speaks to Yudhishthira about the benefits of chanting these holy names as stated in the epic of Mahabharata:
    That soul with endless devotion,
    Who chants the thousand names,
    Of He who is the Lord of the universe,
    Of He who is the God of Gods,
    Of He who is limitless, would get free,
    From these bondage of cruel life.
    He who also worships and prays,
    Daily without break,
    That Purusha who does not change,
    That Vishnu who does not end or begin,
    That God who is the Lord of all worlds,
    And Him, who presides over the universe,
    Would loose without fail,
    All the miseries in this life.
    Chanting the praises,
    Worshipping and singing,
    With devotion great,
    Of the lotus eyed one,
    Who is partial to the Vedas,
    The only one, who knows the dharma,
    Who increases the fame,
    Of those who live in this world,
    Who is the master of the universe,
    Who is the truth among all those who have life,
    And who decides the life of all living,
    Is the dharma that is great.
    That which is the greatest light,
    That which is the greatest penance,
    That which is the greatest brahmam,
    Is the greatest shelter that I know.
    Please hear from me,
    The thousand holy names,
    Which wash away all sins,
    Of Him who is purest of the pure,
    Of That which is holiest of holies,
    Of Him who is God among Gods,
    Of that father who lives without death,
    Among all that lives in this world,
    Of Him whom all the souls,
    Were born at the start of the world,
    Of Him in whom, all that lives,
    Will disappear at the end of the world,
    And of that the chief of all this world,
    Who bears the burden of this world.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranam - the Thousand Names of Lord Vishnu - are written in the ancient epic »Mahabharata«. They were revealed from the great wise Bheeshma to Yudhishthira as he asked him how to get peace in this life and in the hereafter. Bheeshma advised him to chant the thousand names of Vishnu with devotion. This does not require any effort other than the willingness to chant. It is the best way to get relief …
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