Sri Shiva Sahasranam

by Mohani Heitel

Released 2016
Smirti Music
Released 2016
Smirti Music
Sri Shiva Sahasranam or The Thousand Names of Lord Shiva, Holy prayer and meditation
Mohani Heitel sings these thousand names of Lord Shiva accompanying herself with the instrument tanpura in an invoking way. Meditation along with the Holy Names of Shiva
Shiva Sahasranam consists of one thousand names of Lord Shiva. Sahasranamas are classified as stotras, or hymns of praise. A Sahasranam provides a terse but universal guide to the attributes and legends surrounding a deity. Many religions include praise of the Divine Name as an important part of their devotional practice. Recitation and study of these often constitute part of the daily routine of worship. The use of Sahasranamas comprises following practices of devotion: listening …
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Chanting Mantras

The Tanpura is an ideal instrument to accompany mantra-singingMohani playing the Tanpura

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