Chanting Mantras

The Tanpura is an ideal instrument to accompany mantra-singingMohani playing the Tanpura

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Like to be informed about new ventures

Like to be informed about new ventures

Mohani Heitel | Mantra Mohini

Mohani Heitel - Singer

Mantras are familiar to me since my childhood. I was accompanied by them in different phases of my life - first in India and subsequently in Germany. I utilised their holistic healing effect for many years, not only for myself, but also as a doctor for my patients. I have personally found through mantra-singing an ideal way to live out my spirituality. For many years now I have been giving concerts across Europe.
In this regard, I was asked repeatedly if I had written something about the mantra. Till now, I have had to answer this in the negative. Now, in this book, I want to share with you my personal experience with mantras and at the same time give you some instructions on their application.
Mantras can be of great help in one ´s life. You learn about what mantras are, how many different kinds of mantras there are and on which cultural ground they were developed. And what you can realize individually, according to your inner needs, with the aid of mantras. Mantras offer you inner support, are helpful in overcoming disease and crisis, keep you healthy and free you from negative feelings and anxieties, help you to overcome offensive insults, to raise your self-esteem and to relieve pain. Working with mantras can also aide the development of intuitive ability. In many cultures different healing methods are applied, which are beyond orthodox scientific medicine. Several of these healing approaches – originating from Indian culture, especially Ayurvedic healing methods and Yoga exercises, to which mantra application counts – have been practised for centuries. Mostly, they have religious and philosophical backgrounds and a fundamental comprehension of disease and healing, which differs from the modern western view. These alternative healing approaches take consideration of the psychic aspect alongside the physical aspect of a disease. Often healing words and comforting sounds and songs are used, which in a subtle way activate the self-healing potential of a person. Today, these alternative healing tools are applied by many people in the western world, valued and practised also by therapeutics. Mantras are syllables or words with special sound character, with vibration of frequencies fit for healing. Their healing capacity is based on their vibrational energy, which has a relaxing and harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul. At the same time they are prayers dedicated to primary elemental forces. They comprise the spiritual dimension of life and respond to our heart and soul. Mantra-Yoga was already mentioned in ancient times as a natural healing aid, to improve the sensibility of our senses and to widen our consciousness.
Anybody can benefit from the practice of mantra. They have a relaxing effect on the body and a harmonizing effect on the soul and improve concentration. In this respect, a sick person can utilise this effect for the recovery of health. For the same reason, the application of mantra plays an important role in the prevention of disease.
In my practice, I have used this fact as complementary support to treat insomnia, nightmares, depressive moods, anxiety disorders, obsession and addiction problems, respiratory disorders, lack of concentration, low self-esteem and trust, vegetative disorders, acute stress situations and above all, by psychosomatic complaints, and gained good experience of healing results. Due to the pleasing effect of mantra, I have recommended mantra to expectant mothers during pregnancy, for themselves, and for well-being of their babies in the womb.
Mantra practice is excellently suitable, in an uncomplicated way, to access to one ´s own spirituality, to train the consciousness and to have a harmonic relation to oneself, to fellow men and to the environment. The curing aspect of mantras is understood as an additional support to medical treatment and for the prevention of illness and optimizing recovery. Nevertheless mantra cannot replace the medical treatment fully! Whenever you listen to the mantra song please do it without any distraction. I hope these songs will help you to find access to mantras and that they give you happiness and inner power, thus enriching your lives.