Mantra Darshan - Song of Revelation

Mantra Darshan song of revelation

Mohani Heitel

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Mantra Darshan - Open your heart with the help of these darshan mantras. So will open the door of your spiritual world where the true revelation can be given to you in some way. Mantra meditation with voice and tanpura

Darshan is a word which describes in Sanskrit the appearance of the Divine. The appearance of God in a form is unmistakable with other appearances. This phenomenon can also occur in the human consciousness. The formless consciousness is the universal divine force which calls all life and all forms of the world into existence. The realization, and perception of this creative force inside, in a state of purified mind is called Darshan. At the end of each mantra of this CD it is prayed for the revelation of God in oneĀ“s own self. Hence they are summarized here. They fulfill the longing of those who wish to connect themselves with God and worship Him only for the sake of adoration. These mantras can once be realized if they are repeated with awareness of the content, with appropriate fervor, longing and love, either by hearing or by singing. Each Darshan mantra is like a ship, which can bring us to the shore closer to God. The texts and melodies of the mantras are composed and sung by Mohani Heitel, accompanied by Tanpura and Zither or Tanpura alone.

Dr. Mohani Heitel and the art of mantra.The power of mantra is not known to everyone. A mantra is a psychoeffective vibration manifested in words or small sentences. They have purifying and stabilizing effects on the spirit, mind and soul. Mohani sings mantras in order to become acquainted with their nature and step by step one can use them for the benefit of health and spiritual development. By nature of prayer a mantra is a key to the spiritual realm. On the following pages You may get some impression of the work of Dr. Mohani Heitel. She was born in the north of India and works now a days in Germany as a physician and psychotherapist. With her recordings she likes to introduce the ancient art of mantra-singing to the western world.

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