Mantra Mudra - Grace and Gratitude

Mantra Mudra grace and gratitude

Mohani Heitel

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From the deep source of soul springs forth the river of this mystic song. Listen to it, enjoy its melody and let it carry you into the dimensions of the spiritual world. Sanskrit Mantras for the new age.

Mantra Mudra Mantras are syllables, words or sentences of mystic contents. Especially by singing mantras unfold a special efficacy of sound and resonance. Singer aswell as listener come to a contemplative composure while the mantra is sung in repetition so that it becomes completely aware in consciousness. The Mantra hereby unfolds relaxing, calming and harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul. It opens the door to deep spiritual dimensions.

Mohani Heitel was born in India. She has been living for many years in Germany where she works as a physician and psychotherapist. She developped this special form of meditative music with mantra songs. The words and melodies of the mantra songs of this CD are from Mohani Heitel. The mantras are accompanied by Tanpura und Santur.

The CD Mantra Mudra contains four mantra cantos which were created in the turn of time 2001 and introduce a new age by entering into spiritual dimensions. Mudra signifies as much as attitude, gesture or position which connects the outer action to spiritual principals and brings them in agreement with eachother. An example for this are the positions of fingers and hands which are formed in classical indian danceforms but also are used in forms of meditation and prayer throughout many cultures of the world. Mantra Mudra is a inner position and attitude which is taken by the assistance of mantras in mind, feeling and spirit. Attitude in this context also means to pause, stop and to persevere, to last and let continue. Stop in the course of time, to seize the stream of thoughts and to persevere and make stable peace which then may be felt in spirit. In the centre of Mantra Mudra stands the mantra "Nirvikalpa Bhava" which aims to the form of existence before, above or beyond the perception of senses and thought activities and which only can be perceived by spirit. This mantra also is called the grace mantra because the entrance into the innermost world is not subject to mere individual will. As response or the individual soul the peace mantra "Om Shantang" is sung which fills with deep peace and gratitude. This CD therefore carries the subtitel "grace and gratitude".

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Saranangata Batsalam, Puranang, Parameshvarang Ekang Rupeanekang Charachara Adharang Bhakti Bare Dehime Kripalang, Mahima Agame Aparang

Shelter and protection finds the devoted soul in Your refuge. Perfect are You, the highest deity, in the manyfold forms of creation You are the One, elementary basis of all animate and inanimate in the universe, graciously bestow Your blessings on me through which devotion to You grows. Uncomprehensible and infinite is Your glory.

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Nirvikalpa Bhava, Bhagavat Bhavana Bhava Rag Rog Rahit Bhava, Nirbhayi Bhava Ishvarohang Satohang, Ishvarohang Satohang

Be of steady mind, based on devine consciousness Be free from passions and worldy attachments, be free from fear, that is the being of God, the being of truth

The Mantra "Nirvikalpa Bhava" radiates devine blessings. It is an expression (Mudra) of grace, which is announced by the mantra-wording. One should listen to this mantra in quiet and contemplative attitude. Only then the spiritual voice can reach the depth of the soul. It has been a special moment when this tune of the blessing mantra was sung. It is a trance canto which should mediate the nearness of God directly to the listener and by which the spirit is clarified through devotion and love.

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Om Shantang Shanti Pradayakang Ishvaraya Om Nahmaha Om Sattyang Sarva Bhaya Nasakang Ishvaraya Om Namaha

God, who are peace yourself, You give peace to the soul God, greetings to You with deep respect Om, God who are truth yourself, destroyer of all fear I greet You with deep respect of heart

In the mantra "Om Shantang" the soul gratefully replies to the mantra "Nirvikalpa...". Through this mantra the soul reaches peace and one is delivered from anxiety and fear by great confidence and the restlessness, which is created by worldy things is overcome.

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Sada Varenyam Mahatang, Shristikarenam Suksham Chidakashe Prakashang Om Namo Bhavam

For ever venerable, infinite, cause of all creation, subtle, light of consciousness. Honour to You as the supreme being.

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